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recent exhibitions/
Loose Sediments, for FIG.4
at Octopus Art Space, Sofia, BG
Japanese Knotweed Festival,
Mediamatic,  Amsterdam, NL
Art Start,
Credo Bonum Gallery and Goethe Institut, Sofia, BG
Fellowship with Center for Social Vision, 
Sofia, BG

Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL Consensus Fiction - extract, for Open Letters at Page Not Found, The Hague, NL
EYE Research Labs, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, NL
TinyArtGallery at POSTA, for FIG3 Sofia, BG
7.8, 7.5., The Greyspace in the Middle, The Hague, NL

Three Birds, No Stone, Pre-graduation show, The Hague, NL
To Give a Dog a Name, Billytown, The Hague, NL
An Idle Escape, Nest, The Hague, NL
Aberrant Readings, TENT, Rotterdam, NL

Handle with Care, THUAS, The Hague, NL
Take me somewhere nice, SeeLab, The Hague, NL
With/out, West Den Haag, The Hague, NL

Maria Ilieva (2001, BG/CA) is an artist residing in The Hague, NL, with a practice based in drawing and text. Spending her life between three countries, she was confronted from an early age with the reality of immigrants abroad, the necessary speed for adaptation in unfamiliar environments and the limits of language. This in turn shaped her worldview into a fragmentary familiarity imposed on unknown situations - feeling half-present, and only somewhat understood.
Her methods of collecting, categorizing and hoarding, and their associated ways of perceiving, merge with intrigue and observation for matters of memory, processes of remembering and forgetting, dreaming as visual and emotional memory, and the division of our personal mental space. She often uses whimsicalness or absurdity to search for a synthesis in cognition.
Using tracing paper and graphite, the delicate materials further merge with their surroundings - posing questions of beginnings and ends of visible and invisible spaces. By collaging and layering these fragments, an overlap is produced, resulting in a taxonomy of the elusive, the transient, the implicit. Each piece overlapping the other, as traces of living and thinking, she seeks ways to make sense of boundaries - both social and self-imposed.
Recently, she has started an internship at Mediamatic’s Aromalab, Europe’s largest open scent library. As scent receptors are positioned closest to the part of the brain storing memory, an olfactory aspect to her works is currently being developed.